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rated as a best personal trainer in new york city.
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LOSE BODY FAT AND GAIN MUSCLE, achieve superior results with our famous high performance personal training techniques!

Are you sick of losing weight and then putting it back on?
Are you looking for real motivation?
Have you tried many diets and exercise programs without any success?
Tired of the same boring workout routines, can not seem to reach your goals?
Have you been trying to gain muscle with no results?

The failure lies not in you but in your program. The key to success, be it weight loss or bodybuilding, is finding the right formula. This is different for each person. Cutting-edge research shows that no single diet works well for everyone. What works for one person won't necessarily work for you. The Joe DiAngelo program, personally designed by Joe himself, guides you into finally finding the answers you've been looking for.

fitness training results achieved with celebrity personal trainer joe diangelo


If you exercise, you need a cutting edge information on diet and nutrition to get best results. Whether you want to achieve peak performance, gain muscle, lose fat, tone muscle, improve your energy, the High-Performance nutrition offers the key to success. With the right nutrition, you will get more value from any type of exercise. If your diet is neglected, even slightly, the synergy is broken and results will be limited. The key here is to create a synergy between nutrition and exercise to achieve maximum results.


We have trained many celebrities, movie stars, NYPD Police Officers, the best italian fashion designers, singers, PhD's, doctors, lawyers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, models, Broadway actors, investment brokers, housewives, teachers, swimmers, athletes, students, accountants and newspaper editors, to name a few!
Celebrity Personal Training
Take a look at photos of our clients. Seeing is Believing...


bodybuilding program

Look and Feel Great, by having a highly experienced bodybuilding champion as a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. Stop Wasting Time. Get maximum results in minimum time!
Train with a World Musclemania Bodybuilding Champions.



An athletic workout consisting of shadow boxing, heavy bag work, and strength and conditioning drills. This class focuses on using the upper body for a variety of punches and lover body for kicks. Boxing gloves and wrist wraps are provided.

Fit Bride. Look Fit & Fabulous on your Wedding Day!

Look great on your wedding day. Our program is designed to get brides in shape fast. Look and feel great on your Wedding Day! New York Magazine named Joe DiAngelo as a top body makeover trainer for brides.


Our Weight Loss Boot Camp combines cardiovascular with resistance activities in outdoor workout environment. We combine weight lifting with cardio activities like running, Kickboxing, KardioKick.Activities involved: Free Weights, Rope Runs, Sprints, Kickboxing, Thai Chi, Yoga, Nutrition Programs.If you want to get into the best shape of your life, than our Boot Camp is for you. We have locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.


We offer short and effective workouts that will strengthen the muscles needed to make pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery more comfortable. Our prenatal workouts combine pilates, yoga, strength training, aerobics and birth ball exercises to create a pregnancy workout that is fun, safe and effective.


Improve Speed, Strength, Agility and Power with former professional athlete Joe DiAngelo. Joe DiAngelo has won more than 20 medals in competition. Personal Trainer/Nutrition Expert to the stars.If you are serious about improving your sports performance, than this is the program for you.


This yoga class is very physically demanding and consists of Hatha Yoga poses with an emphasis on core strength, while improving your flexibility and balance. Breathing and relaxation techniques are a major focus here.
Tai Chi exercises will also gently tone, stretch and oxygenate the muscles of the body while feeling thoroughly relaxed, rejuvenated and energized.

8 week body makeover in NYC


We put a strong emphasis on core strength, muscular balance, proper alignment, breathing techniques and flexibility. Expect some challenging Yoga moves as well.
Gyrotonic is a form of body conditioning developed by Juliu Horvath. The movements are performed on specially designed machines and are derived from yoga, tai chi, dance, swimming and gymnastics. The system simultaneously stretches and strengthens muscles, aiding health and fitness whilst reducing stress and the risk of injury.


Save time. Save money. Eat healthy. Dinner at home. Innovative. Delicious Healthy Cuisine.

It's not just the rich and famous who can have personally prepared healthy meals anymore! My Fitness Chef Service is a unique service providing you affordable meals that are customized and prepared just for you in your home.

Our Fitness Chef will come to your home at your convenience and do all the work. This saves you time and money and assures that you get exactly the healthy meals you want and when you want them.

Whether it's a regular weeknight meal for the family, stocking the freezer with meals for a whole week or a special gift of a Romantic Healthy Dinner for Two, our fitness chef can be there to provide you with fresh, custom-made meals.

Check it out:
Photos of our healthy meals


Do you need a design and management solutions for your corporate fitness centers? Our team of fitness experts has successfully developed and managed customized fitness centers and fitness programs for businesses, office park developers, retirement communities, hotels, hospitals and residential communities across the nation.We deliver innovative fitness solutions customized for your corporate culture.


Are you motivated to start a workout program? Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have. If you really want to maximize your potential and reach the goals you've set for yourself, then you have to start today to train yourself mentally as well as physically! I was studing the sports psychology all my life (on the college and during competitions), so I can teach you about mental strategies. Without the right head set and mental strategies you are lost and out of reach your goals. I will teach you how to enjoy the exercise fully, to celebrate your body, to make it a lifelong passion. The mind is a great tool to our fitness goals, if we know how to use it in our favor. You will feel the difference. I promise.

Lean into Summer: A 8-Week fitness Training Program to Muscular Leanness

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