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I deliver best results to my clients in personal training in NYC. My training program is science based and results oriented.

Most training programs give you a certain number of exercises to do at certain times during the week, and that's it. Training is so much more than just going to the big chain gym!! Training is changing your lifestyle, your thinking process, the way you perform exercises, what and how you eat and many other things most people don't consider. How does it work? I ask you a lot of questions, so I can get a complete view of who you are and where you want to go, and I'll design a customized program suited to your particular needs and unique characteristics - guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life. Check out my track record: before and after photos of my clients.

 His success in fitness industry make him  one of the  most sought after fitness experts in his field. His success  rate is among  the best

New York Times: Joe DiAngelo - Treadmills without Tedium
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Most inspiring before and after weight loss photos

 The Unstoppable Rise of the Celebrity Trainer
 Abs transformation from FAT to six pack in record time

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Let the performance begin! Command performance in fitness training. Let your journey begin!

  • Train with one of New Yorks most credible and sought after fitness experts. Trainer of fitness champions.
  • Featured in New York Times as an innovator in fitness training
  • Unsurpassed Success Rate - See for yourself - Client Success Stories
  • Named the best personal trainer by New York Magazine, Newsweek, Time Out NYC, Oxygen Fitness Magazine, ...
  • Train with champions in fitness. Our personal trainers and clients brought to NYC six World Championship titles in Fitness.
  • Set your SMART fitness goals with Smart Theory
  • Customized Fitness Programs, designed specifically for your fitness level, personal goals, and the time you have available.
  • In-Depth Client Consultation
  • Research proven Strategies for Rapid Fat Loss
  • Assessment of current fitness level, body composition, and diet
  • Training in most advanced gym in the city
  • Most advanced fitness equipment in the world - Canali system
  • Let your DNA work for you. Unlock the secret to your body's. Training and diet based on DNA testing
  • We have the best results in personal training. Check out the latest makeovers
  • Read more about our highest standards in personal training and our manifesto.
  • Set your first training session for free. Call 917.279.8778

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you find any other trainer or gym that has better results in personal training than us and better track record, we will train you for free!

Our personal training gyms are located in Manhattan:
Tribeca location: 452 Washington street, New York NY 10013 Phone: (917) 279-8778

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